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My Style Interior Design and Decorating Services

picture of Staging/Hire Furniture Packages

Staging/Hire Furniture Packages

Looking to sell, but need to dress up a room or two with some hire furniture to get it sold and sold for more? We have furniture and décor packages to suite every budget

picture of Interior Design

Interior Design

Space planning, minor renos, custom cabinetry and selection of materials and finishes

picture of Interior Decorating

Interior Decorating

Selecting furniture, fabrics, lighting, rugs, curtains, artwork and accessories

picture of Window Furnishings

Window Furnishings

Custom curtains, fabric blinds, roman blinds, roller blinds & plantation shutters

picture of Colour Selections

Colour Selections

Finding your colour palette to suit both the inside & outside of your home

picture of Custom Cabinetry

Custom Cabinetry

Design and installation of custom cabinetry, WIR, built-in office’s, TV units, custom furniture and more.

picture of Shopping Days

Shopping Days

This is a value for money service where we offer our services to shop with you to make selections for your spaces in RRP retail stores to ensure your space looks beautiful and finished, we offer a day rate flat fee for this service.

picture of Once off In House Consultations

Once off In House Consultations

These is the most popular service we offer, which includes an on site viewing of your home where we give our tips & tricks and ways to make your home better with new or existing furniture, we provide detailed scope of works to renovate, or ways to furnish your home yourself and give you the concepts to run with in stores to do so as well as de-cluttering and or organisational skills and concepts.

picture of Bathroom or Kitchen Specification Selection and Renovations

Bathroom or Kitchen Specification Selection and Renovations

We offer Bathroom or Kitchen selections specifications from tiling selections to cabinetry design and implementation for clients building or renovating we also offer premium value added finish service which incorporates application of all trades to complete job

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Have you moved into your house and although you have furniture, it still looks vacant?

Does what you have to put in bookshelves and on coffee tables look right or appropriate?

Maybe your rooms don’t reflect your personality, your life, your style, and you really want them to….

Maybe you need someone to swoop in and change your life! Your home, your view of your rooms and work the space that much better

Solution: That’s where we come in!

solution image - that's where we come in

What we will do: After the introductory meeting to take pictures, gather information and survey your home or rooms you want affected, we go shopping or alternately we create a plan of attack for you to carry it out yourself!

Not only do we have a trained eye and knowledge of all things design, we can capture your personality and style into the styling that will tell the story of your life through your home.


about us image

An Interior Designer is not someone who will come into your home and tell you what it should look like. A good interior designer will ask you about your preferences in style, colour and other aspects of design and work with you to achieve your dream design in your budget. An experienced designer can help you with any design from minimalist to ethnic design or more traditional and transitional designs. An good designer will be objective, but will use their expertise to create an interior setting that can be more beautiful than an amateur can produce. That’s because we understand the spatial aspects of design and know how to integrate colours into any room of the house. We can create an interior that is not too crammed with things, but looks perfect with just the right amount of furniture and decorative elements and additives of interest, flair & style. When we are helping clients create these individual spaces, we always ensure the room has a theme that reflects the individuals personality and interests in some way. The benefit of an inviting space is the need to want to be in the room more and the feeling of being happy once the room has been finished. – One space can speak a thousand words, so make it a thousand words worth it!

Why Choose us

picture of Home

We consolidate your ideas

We’ve all gotten stuck in the Pinterest hole, hours spent pinning imagery of your dream room. If you find that your overwhelmed with options and can’t figure out what works together and what doesn’t, an interior stylist is an expert in this area.

We take all of your ideas and sift through the, sorting out what will look best in your space, work best for you and your family day to day, and also point out the pieces you’ve selected that just aren’t going to work in the room you want to redesign. It may take you months to sort this out, a stylist can work it out in a matter of minutes

picture of Home


Mood Board’s are almost vital, My Style Interiors Brisbane are masters in pulling all of your inspiration imagery together and presenting it to you on a Mood Board. Mood boarding allows you to see all of the potential pieces side by side and can give you an accurate picture of what your dream room will look like

picture of Home


The endless trek through furniture and homewares stores can be rough, especially if you have kids in toe. Even tougher if you have a partner who isn’t keen on shopping or disagrees with your style and concepts. When you work with My Style Interiors, all of the hard work is done for you. We consolidate your ideas, present Mood Boards and specification sheet outlining every piece of furniture and all being done for you without having to leave your house

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This is probably one of the best parts for you, the savings on the spend!

We have access to wholesale prices for furniture and décor, which is much cheaper than retail pricing. Every wholesaler is different and gives different discounts but on average you can expect to save around 10-30% off RRP. Not everything will be purchased at wholesale, it depends on your needs/wants and budget.

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One of the greatest things about Interior Designers is, getting access to furniture and décor you can’t get in retail stores. This means you end up with a really unique room.

picture of Home


Decorators being expensive is just because the outcomes of your rooms looking 100% glorified compared to if you had of done the room yourself, has nothing to do with the COST. Some designers like us offer in house consultations to get the initial understanding, brain storming, measuring spaces and really getting to know you and your space before getting it on paper and handing out quotes.

picture of Home


All good decorators know exactly how to fit your budget and cater to it and still make the room look gorgeous! That’s experience, right there!

Wanting concepts done with real imagery of options of furniture with an cost outlining all?

You’ve found the right company

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