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10 Commandments of a clutter free home


TOP 10 Commandments of a clutter free home **

Simple & practical tips you can introduce into your home today

We all strive to have an organised and clutter-free home,  but it takes a range of habit building and tips and tricks to perfect. After reading countless organisational books, watching minimalist documentaries and doing my own research and seething through experience, I have come up with a few strategies and tips for creating a ‘clutter-free home’.


1. Go through your items in storage every quarter. To avoid a built up of clutter and forgetting what items you actually own, it is essential to go through your items in storage every few months. This ensures you are not keeping any unnecessary items or belongings that no longer serve a purpose.

2. Keep surfaces bare and clean, kitchen benches and dining tables often become a dumping ground for everything you use on a daily basis. Find a special place for all the items you usually throw on your surfaces.

3. Go paper free! Not only is going paper-free great for the environment, but it is also amazing in creating less clutter within your home. Have all your bills sent to your emails and flag them a specific colour as they come in. That way, you don’t have a pile of papers sitting in eye-sight and distracting you from your beautiful home.

4. Live within the space of your home, stop dreaming about having a bigger closet or more cupboards in your kitchen. Work with the space that you have and only keep items that fit neatly within your home. If your wardrobe is bursting at the seams it usually means you have too many clothes, not that your wardrobe is too small.

5. Sort out the inside of cupboards and drawers, your home may look ‘clutter free’ at first glance, but if you have unnecessary items piling up in your cupboards and drawers then it is time to sort them out. An organised home isn’t just what you see it is what lies behind closed doors too.

6. Use the ‘One in, one out rule’ Every time you purchase something for your home, whether that is furniture, homewares, clothing or shoes you need to donate or remove a similar item. That way your home neve gets out of hand and you always know how many items can fit in your home.

7. Don’t buy every organisational product and storage container. One of the man reasons people struggle with organising their home is that they start at the step. You need to sort out what you own first before introducing more items such as storage containers into your already cluttered space. This just adds to the number of items in your home.

8. Think hard when purchasing new items really ask yourself, Can I see this item being in my home long term?  and do I really like this or is it a trend?

9. Put things away, think about how often you actually use an item and if it is worth being out on display 24 hours a day, if you have a kettle that you only use on the weekends or the occasional time you have tea in the evening, put it away in the cupboard to free up bench space. The same rule applies for anything else in the kitchen or bathroom on display that you don’t use every day.

10. Believe it is possible, time and time again I hear people state that they are hoarders, and ‘can never change’. Once you start believing you can have a clutter free home, your actions will follow. It is possible for anyone to reduce their clutter and have a more organised home.


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