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Home Design – Rug Issue


7 Rules for choosing the right area Rug

You just moved into your new home, you’ve purchased the perfect furniture and accessories. You even found the perfect area rug to add to your hardwood floors and carpets, but you’re totally stumped on which size to buy.

There are so many questions; Should the furniture be placed on or off the rug? Does the rug go underneath or next to the bed? How big should a dining room rug really be? It can seem overwhelming, but here are 7 simple tips to help you choose wisely. After all, a good rug is a investment, and you don’t want to make any costly mistakes.


Rule 1 # Always go big

Too big is always better than too small, a rug that’s too small not only looks skimpy, but seems like an afterthought. However, you also don’t want to go overboard. Pick a rug that’s the size of your seating area rather than the size of the room.


Rule 2# Keep your furniture on your Rug

An area rug should anchor your seating arrangement, so place rugs underneath sofas and chairs. Ideally, your rug should fit entirely under your sofa and side chair’s If that’s not possible, make sure at least the front feet of your furniture are on the rug, even if it’s only by a matter of inches. In order to look balanced, rugs should also extend to at least 6 inches beyond the arms of the sofa.


Rule 3# Try Layering 

Consider laying your area rug over wall to wall carpeting, most people seem to think that this is a decorating “don’t”, but nothing could be further from the truth. An area rug over carpeting adds texture, volume and colour to a room. In this case, the area rug can be a little smaller than the usual, just make sure it’s placed right up to the edge of the sofa/chairs and make sure your area rug and carpeting are compatible. A too thin area rush over plush carpeting will never lay flat and may slide around.


Rules 4# Use Colour 

Don’t be afraid of pattern, colour and texture! An area rug can be the focal point of the room. If your furniture upholstery is neutral, choose a colourful or patterned rug. It doesn’t have to match perfectly, but it should co-ordinate with the other colours and fabrics in the room.


Rule 5# Your rug should be bigger than your bed 

Think big when choosing a rug for your bedroom. Your area rug should be big enough to extend two or three feet beyond the edge of the bed. After all, you want to step onto a cosy, warm rug when getting up in the morning!


Rule 6# Your dining chairs must fit completely 

Chairs should sit perfectly and completely on an area rug in your dining room – that means all four legs on the rug even when they’re pushed away from the table. Never have the front legs of the dining chair on the rug and the back ones off. Not only does it look funny, but it’s dangerous, as your chairs are unbalanced and more prone to flipping over. You can easily estimate the size rug you’ll need by adding 24 to 36 inches to each side of your table. If your table has extension leaves that you use often, choose a rug sized to accommodate the table with the leaves in. In terms of shape, a rectangular table needs a rectangular rug. A round table can support either a round or square rug.


Rule 7# Think outside standard sizing 

Area rugs tend to come in standard sizes, usually including:

3 x 4 feet

3 x 5 feet

5 x 8 feet

8 x 10 feet

9 x 12 feet

If you need an odd size rug, you can always have one custom-made. It might sound expensive, but it may be more affordable than you think. Simply purchase regular wall to wall carpeting, have a carpet installer cut it to your desired size, and finish the edges with binding or surging to get a custom rug without the custom price tag.


Now you can avoid the stress of buying a brand new rug only to find it’s the wrong size. Just follow these rules to make sure your new area rug fits perfectly in your home, so you can enjoy your beautiful, cosy new space.


How to choose the best rug shape for your space?

Rug shaping is serious business! Choosing the wrong shape and size for a space can make it look awkward because of impractical annoyances. Square rugs are the best used in square rooms and can be easily paired with similarly shaped tables or another square rug. Rectangular rugs are the most traditional rug shape that blends beautifully with spaces with large open floors, such as living rooms, offices & seating areas. Though there are no set ‘rules” when it comes to choosing the best rug shape and size for your space. Exercise your creative freedom. Look at My Style Interiors Brisbane’s tips below on how to:

General rug shape consideration

Your area rug’s shape affects the overall aesthetics of the room!



  • whimsical, playful, cosy and soft
  • use in a small space to make it feel larger
  • pair with a similar shape (furniture, chandelier)
  • offset rectangles
  • use in a circular room
  • generally don’t use in larger spaces



  • use in a square room
  • pair with square shaped tables
  • pair two or more square rugs



  • traditional
  • good for large spaces
  • great for when you need something long and thin, like a hallway runner or an kitchen rug


Placement is key

Case by case examples…


  1. Bay window/breakfast nook

Bay windows are so beautiful….but how do you design your home around them? Bay windows geometric shape creates the perfect amount of space for a little round table. Even though a bay window has geometric angles, the trapezoidal shape is “circular” in nature. So therefore a circular table works best with a bay window, so does and circular rug.


2. Sectional sofa seating/Living room

The best way to accent a sectional sofa or large living room is with an large, rectangular area rug. Make sure at least the front legs of each piece of furniture is able to sit on the rug. Choose a large rectangular rug because a rug that is too small can make the room feel awkward and disjointed.


3. Round rugs and there focal points in an room

Large circular rugs centres a room and creates a focal point, these look fabulous when there is an open plan living room coinciding with an open plan dining room, it really separates the two and gives them both an separate identity. It works so well because all the furniture is arranged on top of it & it plays on the shape of the smaller décor pieces. A smaller round rug work with a sectional  if your space is smaller. Somehow, the soft curves of the round rug make a small space feel bigger.


4. The Foyer

An open entryway or foyer has endless rug options. Large rectangular rugs and circular rugs both look gorgeous, depending on the size of the foyer and any accessories. Rectangular rugs create a classic look and make areas like foyers which are long and usually narrow, feel larger and longer! They can open up a thin entry way by adding some brightness, they add texture to the floor and depth. The geometric patterns or tribal design rugs create interest and add an element of class to any space.


5. Dining Room

The dining room is one of the areas rug buyers have the most trouble with. Wondering shape and size to pair with certain tables. The best kind of rugs for dining rooms are flatweave or very low pile. Flatweave area rugs are the best for dining rooms because they’re the easiest to move chairs on. If a rug has a higher pile, your chairs will snap the rug and eventually ruin it. The most basic rule for pairing a rug with a dining room table is to pair it with a rug of the same shape, rectangle with rectangle and so on.



Trending rugs and styles for 20198, these are the 8 RUG TRENDS you need to know about!


  • Vintage Turkish rug

This style of rug not only adds character, but you don’t need a passport to get this look. Transforming your space without lifting a hammer or a paint brush, this rug style sets itself aside and compliments any space and brings the rug to centre of attention


  • Layer your rugs

Unable to decide on a pattern or texture, the layered rug look has become very popular in the last few years and is a great way to have fun with texture & styles. A fun bold piece like a small cow hide rug looks great over a more neutral choose like a jute or wool rug. Whilst allowing you to cover more area with out overpowering the space.


  • Beni Ourain Moroccan rugs

One of Morocco’s biggest exports is textiles, there rugs are simply stunning. The Beni Ourain, is monochromatic tribal pattern in design. The white and black diamond pattern & thick weave look is extremely versatile and looks lovely in nearly any living room


  • Fall in love with Chevron rugs

Popular patter and packs a punch. This subtle, woven Chevron Rug is perfect for adding texture and pattern to any room without over powering it. This floor rug goes with nearly any pattern in an room including floral, striped, tropical…anything you like


  • Modern cow hide

Animal print is a trend ebbs and flows in popularity, being an focal point in house tours and on pinterest over the last few years, adding warmth to a white washed living space or a modern unit


  • Loud and geometric rugs 

House is loud and proud. Bold geometric prints are so in right now. A bright, patterned rug makes a big statement in any space. Try this rug trend in entry ways, dining rooms or bedrooms to pack a punch without a lot of leg work.


  • Kilim Rugs

They have long been at the front of design trends, for good reason. Originating from Turkey, the rugs are known for rich colours, flatweave rugs that are bold, beautiful and timeless. Perfect rug to add colour to a wood heavy such as wooden flooring space to break up the element on the floor a little or alternately brighten up a guest bedroom


Last but not least….

  • Vintage Rugs

Perfectly faded to achieve an old look, loving these looks in bedrooms and living spaces. They are so on trend and in style right now, pair this up with modern furniture to keep this look fresh…..


XOXO – Raquel Abbott – My Style Interiors Brisbane



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