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Once off In House Consultations

Whether you are ready to kick-start a design project or if you are just needing professional advice and direction.

This is perfect for you!

Schedule a design consultation for up to 90 minutes with us, from the comfort of your home, we’ll get to know each other & together we’ll discuss your design vision and style for your space. We’ll cover any questions and challenges you might have, as well as your home’s potential. We’ll provide you with value and professional advice, design direction, share design ideas, styling tips and more

Together we will explore and discuss among the following:

  • Your signature design style
  • Discuss your vision
  • Design challenges
  • Room functionality
  • Color scheme
  • Paint colors
  • Space planning or furniture rearrangement
  • Room measurements if needed
  • Advice of overall space
  • Furniture ideas
  • Home styling tips and accessories
  • Artwork placement
  • Window treatments
  • Lighting options
  • Budgeting tips
  • Time frame



Our In Home design consultation is up to 90 minutes, this service is ideal if you are ready to kick-start your design project or if you are just needing professional advice and direction

Schedule a consultation with us, where we’ll get to know each and discuss your design vision and style for your space

interior design consultation

What are the benefits of an In-Home Design Consultation?

There are so many different elements involved in interior styling and design, from creating a colour palette to furniture placement and floor plans.

Even though you might have a distinct design style in mind, it can be difficult to pull all of the different pieces together without any previous experience. An in home consultation gives you the benefit of working with a professional interior designer who has extensive industry knowledge, and understands how to apply design principles effectively to create beautiful and functional spaces that you can truly connect with. This is a value added service, if you are looking to re-decorate, renovate or update your home, this might be the perfect initial service with us.

What does an In Home Consultation include?

A consultation takes place in your home that is set to be renovated or decorated, we walk through the space and discuss with you what your goals are for your home and help understand your design style, often clients come to us in the first place because they are finding it difficult in some aspect of their home and a consultation is a great place to get specific advice on how to move forward with a design dilemma


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