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My Style Interiors Brisbane – Selection of Services


My Style Interiors Brisbane has a selection of services

* Home consultations

For those that need ideas/assistance in getting their design ideas together

* Property Restyling

For clients who need a revamp in their current homes, keeping some of their decor/furniture, but getting my style interiors to modernize and complete your home with added features, decor and furnishings. This involves s meeting consultation fee, we will fill out the requirement form, I will take photos of the space. Then I will gather all information from your request, work out how many hours it will take to complete your styling job, send you an quotation with the hours of charge, the items I have selected in visual format with how many of the item and the total cost including delivery to your door with freight with an ETA, estimated time of arrival/delivery to your home.

Once your happy with what has been mocked up for your home, an invoice will be sent to make payable for the hours of time and knowledge and the cost of all items purchased at a distributor cost not retail charge, which is cost saving to you!!

Once all items have arrived, i will do an once over to ensure your home is looking beautiful, as this is our guarantee.

* Real Estate Home Staging

For Real Estate agencies and clients who are wanting to sell their homes quickly and efficiently and to make the home more inviting for resale and purchase, this service is also available.

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