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Promotional Offers for Mothers Day & advice on your family home!


– In house consultations
– Color consultations inside/outside
– Mood boards for concepts for furnishing
– Home Staging
– Showroom Appointments – For specification/fit-out selections
– Specification/Inclusion selections for new homes
– Cabinetry design
– Bathroom and home design
– Quotes for all home needs such as flooring, bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, landscaping, home repainting inside/outside
– Wallpaper and paint selections and applications
– Blinds/awnings/window cover selections and quoting
– Display home styling for building companies
Shop fit-out/Layout such as Restaurants, Cafes, Medical Centre’s and Dental facilities

Winning the HIA Award for best display home designer for the $300-$400K category in Queensland this was an Hampton inspired fit-out with all the perks to make a house an home, from cabinetry detailing down to tile selections and external design of home My Style Interiors were able to nurture what South Hampton is all about.

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When we were pregnant with our first child, friends told us to take photos of our house…because it will never look the same again. The advice was a forewarning, and am willing to admit it made me a little apprehensive
More than a 8 years on and I can say my house has changed a lot since having a baby, but I’ve actually enjoyed seeing it evolve into a family home. Sure, it’s a little messy and chaotic at times but rather then fighting unbridled Fisher Price and rogue vegemite fingers, we’ve come to expect this type of this and manage it with our choice in furnishings. Having kids doesn’t have to mean you won’t know what it’s like to be house proud again until your empty nesters leave. Here are my style strategies for helping you making the right choices in furniture, finishes and planning so you can have the home the whole family can enjoy for many years to come

Choose furniture that is built like a Mack Truck
It might seem paradoxical, but it is wise to invest in quality pieces when you have kids. Well-constructed furniture made of robust materials will sustain the rigorous use of family life, offering you better value for money in the long run.
Resist the temptation to purchase a ‘cheap-fix’ now, with the intention of redecorating with quality when the kids are older. I can attest that, for most families, the pledge to redecorate further down the line is rarely honoured.
A quality sofa should come with a manufacturer’s warranty on the frame, springs and foam to ensure it holds its shape and stays comfortable for at least 10 years. It should come upholstered in a sturdy fabric with removable cushion covers for easy washing and dry-cleaning. Good bones in your sofa mean, when the time comes, it’s worth the effort and cost of reupholstering and you’ll enjoy another decade or two out of it. In comparison, cheap sofas have a relatively short shelf-life and the cost of reupholstering by far outweighs their value, which is why most of them end up on the roadside or as land-fill.
Rustic or recycled pieces of furniture better withstand the battering over the years. In fact a bit of brutalising just enhances their character, so you can relax about daily wear and tear, so many different paints/finishes out now to re-utilize existing pieces.


Material Comforts
Non-porous, matte surfaces like timber, brushed metal or polyurethane are very low-maintenance and easy to clean, but every room needs some softer finishes like fabric for warmth and comfort. Leather is hard-wearing but, contrary to what most people think, it’s not the only child-friendly fabric on the market. A heavy-duty upholstery fabric will perform just as well as leather and I personally prefer the softer, ‘cosier’ feel of woven fabrics. Ideally, you are looking for a fabric that is a graded at least 15,000 double rubs in the Martindale Test, consists of a blend of fibres (natural and synthetic, not pure natural), is backed and is Teflon coated. When deciding on a colour, choose a shade with a rich texture featuring a blend of colours to camouflage the stains.
For upholstered pieces of furniture, removable covers in a hard-wearing, washable fabric will help keep your furniture looking good. Have a few spare dining-chair covers so you can rotate while some are in the wash!
Outdoor fabrics have come a long way from their original plain, stiff nature and are now commonly known as ‘indoor/outdoor’ so as not to preclude their suitability for indoors. They are also no longer limited to plains and deck-chair stripes, but now include everything from animal prints to botanicals and geometrics. Indoor/outdoor fabrics can be a little more costly but are a dream to live with. They are typically soft to touch while being fade-resistant, water-resistant, stain-resistant, mildew-resistant, non-allergenic, washable and dry-cleanable. All of these sturdy qualities make indoor/outdoor fabrics perfect for banquet seating, sofas, upholstered stools and dining chairs.
If nothing else, choose fantastic lighting
Table lamps can be a little precarious for young children, but you can introduce some allure and style in even the plainest of rooms just by having bold, feature overhead lighting. An upholstered drum shade in a vibrant fabric that draws on all the colours of the room can transform your room, as can a funky pendant.
Utilise your vertical space!
Keep décor off table tops and instead use floating shelves up high to showcase photo frames, books, flowers, and delicate ornaments.
Get a trunk for your junk
We all know that kids come with a lot of clutter so every family home needs ample storage! One of my favourite pieces of furniture is an old trunk or chest. Not only is it a charming piece of furniture, but it’s super handy to stash away toys and books and it also makes a practical coffee table or ottoman. Upholstered ottomans with internal storage offer the same advantages without the sharp corners plus they provide additional seating if required.

Raquel – Owner/Designer – My Style Interiors



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