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Why Hire an Interior Designer? An must read


When creating individual spaces always ensure the room has a theme that reflects the individuals personality and interests in some way. The benefit of an inviting space is the need to want to be in the room more and the feeling of being happy once the room has been finished. One space can speak a thousand words so make it a thousand words worth it!

Sometimes having an Interior Decorator to style your rooms or do up concepts is a MUST, we don’t all have foresight and we aren’t all able to perceive the outcome. An Interior decorator can bring out your personality, transfer it into the space and create that individuality which is all about you!

The Myth about Interior Designers, Decorators or Stylists being expensive is just because the outcome of your rooms looking 100% glorified compared to if you had of done the room yourself, nothing to do with COST. Some decorators like myself offer in house consultations to get the initial understanding, brain storming, measuring spaces and really getting to know you and your space before getting it on paper and handing out quotes.

It’s hassle FREE! Do you want to be able to have it all done hassle free and no questioning the outcome? Use an Interior Decorator, Designer or Stylist

Concerned your BUDGET wont suffice? An good decorator will know exactly how to fit your budget and cater to it and still make the room look gorgeous! That’s experience, right there!

Wanting concepts done with real imagery of options of furniture with an quotation, outlaying costing of each item in the specification?

My Style Interiors are flexible and understand every budget and requirement, if you are looking for some assistance give us a call and we will assist in how we can make it worth your while for you in your budget

04787 651 77 – Raquel Abbott – Interior Designer

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