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E-Design / Moodboard Service

Our E- Design/Moodboard service is an affordable, simple and stress-free option to have a professionally designed
room at a click of a button!

E-Design / Moodboard Service

If you require a helping hand bringing your ideas to life or creating a direction for the space, then this service is
perfect for you! Through a simple discussion over email, we can gather all the information we need to design and
transform your entire pace!

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mood-board service


1x Moodboard

The Moodboard creates a vision of the room as a whole and allows the client to visualise the products in their space

1x Schedule

The Schedule is an itemised spreadsheet that lists all the items in detail with links for where to purchase or some
items are available through our company’s stockists

eDesign service


The E-Design service is the most affordable way to have a room professionally designed Enquire for more details, we
work with you to achieve the look you desire!

eDesign service 1

eDesign service 2

eDesign service 3

eDesign service 5

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